Restore Collection Bundle

$149.00 NZD

Our Restore Collection Bundle will get you back on track and stop you being a slave to those hormones. We will teach you how to get your diet and lifestyle in sync with your body so that you love this precious journey we call LIFE!!

Hormones get a bad rap but they are so much more than what you think!! When they are out of balance the results can be catastrophic but the good news is it just doesn't have to be that way!!

Are you struggling with weight you cant shift? Thinning hair? PMS? Menstrual irregularities and discomfort? Irritability and moodiness?

Are these things stopping you from living your best life? Its time to escape this hormone hell!! Let us show you how!

The Hormone Health Collection will feed your body, mind and soul.  We have set out to produce authentic, accessible information and powerfully luxurious, natural  products to make your health journey a joy. Beautifully packaged and designed, this collection would make a spectacular gift to yourself or for someone you care about. 

Our products and eBooks are all created, written and handmade by us - Dana and Amanda. We are both Registered Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Medical Herbalists and have brought this wealth of knowledge to everything we do. We promise you 100% natural, evidence based, therapeutic products that harness all the power of nature and truly work!


  • Restore herbal tea - 40 serves (approx.)
  • 30 Self-fill biodegradable tea bags 
  • Restore oil roller - 10ml
  • Restore herbal cream - 200g
  • Restore bath soak - 300g
  • Your Hormone Essentials booklet containing 10 pages of tips, tools, recommendations and education
  • Healthy Hormones eBook containing over 60 pages of information, tips and hacks to stop the hormone havoc!! 

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